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              Dry brush massage against cellulite

Ever wondered why the way of life is reflected so mercilessly on the skin as acne, eczema, wrinkles and cellulite? The largest human organ is responsible for the daily removal of much of the accumulated toxins in the body - almost a quarter. But not always this happens effectively. On the one hand, her body bombarded with more toxins than it can handle. On the other dead epidermal cells, cosmetics and environmental pollutants clog the pores and become a barrier in the way of poisons. This leads to their arrest in the subcutaneous layer, where damage fat cells or in other words the cause of the appearance of cellulite. The market has a lot of cosmetics, which are intended to stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic drainage in problem areas to break and scatter cellulite landfills.

But not it better to prevent problems than to try to solve it? Moreover, even after the most effective anti-cellulite product again toxins accumulate in the same places. Daily brush massage, however, prevents the formation of new cellulite and makes old almost noticeable. Benefits Exfoliating with a dry brush removes dead skin, keeps pores open and most importantly - stimulates. A lymph is that body fluid washes away from the tissues vile and harmful substances. Massage also ensures proper distribution of subcutaneous fat (not in the form of hills and valleys) and breaks the cellulite deposits. Improved circulation leads to better supply the skin with nutrients, making it supple, firm and shiny. In short, daily exfoliation with dry brushing removes all barriers in the way of toxins, makes the body leaner and more effective anti-Truth About Cellulite Review cosmetics. How to do select broad brush hard, but always with natural bristles and a long handle to allow massaging equally comfortable all bottlenecks. The best time for the procedure is morning and time you need to spend only a few minutes. The first time will probably feel some, but rather your skin gets used. Start to brush your toes, continue on foot and then to the calf, knee, thigh and hips. The direction of the massage should always be at the heart, vertical or circular movements (butt and abdomen).

Then brush back and arms starting again from the fingers up. Delicate parts of the body - chest, neck and face, should not be included in the massage. After the procedure is better to take a shower to wash away dead cells. Then immediately apply a moisturizing lotion or gel. Exfoliating allows for deep penetration of cosmetic products and strengthen their effectiveness. Itself brush wash with warm water and soap after each procedure and drying well, not to develop it fungi and bacteria.